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Ulf-Diether Soyka                 B I O G R A P H Y 

Born 5.6.1954 in Vienna. University of Music in Vienna, M.A. of  arts in Composing (F.Cerha), Orchestra-Conducting  (O.Suitner), and Musical Pedagogics.
1979 - 1981 appointed teacher at the University of Music in Vienna.
Since 1981 freelance composer, many international first performances.
1983 co-initiator of the Viennese Summer Seminars for modern music.
Since 2000 lecturer for Music Theory and Composition at Prayner-Conservatory, Vienna. Since 2006 lecturer at Intercultural Seminar Microtones (with special Keyboard of Hans-André Stamm, 48 tones pro octave), students from China, Japan, Korea, Kroatia, Spain, Austria. Microtonal concerts in Vienna and Salzburg, CDs, TV-transmission in Japan. 2008 Book "Option Microtones" (in German language). Conductor of Classical concerts with own first performances.

Soyka got many awards for his compositions. He wrote operas, concertos for piano and orchestra, for violin, for two violins, for viola, for flute, for saxophone, for violoncello, for percussion, for organ; ballet music, choral and chamber music, songs e.g.

Most of them were performed and broadcasted, in Australia, Azerbaijan, Bulgaria, Brasilia, Côte d Yvoire, Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Germany, Great Britain, Hungary, Italy, Japan, Kroatia, Kuba, Norway, Poland, Romania, Sweden, Slowakia, USA,  Austria (Mozarteum Salzburg, Vienna Festival, Musikverein, Hofmusikkapelle, Schloß Belvedere usw.) e.g.

Soyka wrote umerous ordered compositions  for music-organisers and festivals, f.e. Azerbaijan (Baku Arts-Centre and Philharmony), Klagenfurt and Amstetten (stages), Vienna, Göppingen (municipals), Genova (Italy), Györ (Hungary), Salzburg, Sofia (Bulgaria), Vilnius (Lithuania) , for radio, for records, TV e.g. Many microtonal compositions.

Works written by Ulf-Diether Soyka are registered at the Austrian Music Information Centre (www.mica.at). Publishers: Noetzel-Musiverlag, KKM-records, Traunmusik, Wiener Waldhornverlag INOEK-Edition, Copy-us e.g.


„Beautiful new music“ (Die Furche, Vienna 1986 about Soykas Organ-Concerto).

„It is music, which, last but not least, has been written for the audience, but not in the sense of cheap concession or catching popularity, but out of artistical necessity of the possibility of communication ... Schönbergs (so far not verified) prognosis children would once whistle dodecaphone melodies in the streets, could come true in this case.
   Soykas music relies on dodecaphony, but not on the dogmatical ´serielle` one, but on  an expanded twelve-tone method, which is determined by melodical and rhythmic ideas and emotion. This emotional component causes a spontaneous understanding with the audience even if it may not be able to discern the structures an details dependent on ´ratio`. His music is diversified, melodious, tuneful, rhythmically vivacious and full of strength“ (Werner Pelinka 187 in the cultural magazine MORGEN).

„The sonata for violin and piano, partly demanding much virtuosity, reaches back to tonal, often trivial models, alienating them in a parodistical way, using polytonality as well as single elements of the avant-garde“ (Heinz Kratochwil at: Österreichische Musikzeitschrift 1987).

„Fascinating ballet event received with cheers: The Idol with very danceable and worth hearing music by Ulf-Diether Soyka“. (Kärntner Tageszeitung about „Das Idol“, Stadttheater Klagenfurt 1990).

„The way he manages to make action sound and to undermine the ludicrous libretto with his music shows a clever practitioner of the stage who knows how to handle an orchestra“. (Kleine Zeitung about Ballett „Das Idol“, Stadttheater Klagenfurt 1990).

„There seems to be a „third Viennese School“ developing these days in reaction to the works of their predecessors. The music here by … and Ulf-Diether Soyka is melodious, charming and well worth investigating”. (The Horn Magacine, England, horn-concerto in Birmingham 2004) 

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Nato a Vienna nel 1954. Studdi musicali presso il Conservatorio e all´Università di musica (Universität für Musik und darstellende Kunst) di Vienna. Laurea in Composizione (Friedrich Cerha), diploma di Direzione d´Orchestra (Otmar Suitner) e Pedagogia musicale.


Dal 1979 al 1981 docente della classe di Direzione d´orchestra all´Universita di musica di Vienna, dopodichè libero professionista. Numerosi incarichi come compositore, anche in campo internazionale. Nel 1983 Borsa di studio per la composizione dello stato austriaco e Premio per la promozione della musica della regione dell´ Austria Bassa. Nel 1985 Premio di composizione di Tolima, Columbia. Dal 2000 docente della Theoria e Composizione, Prayner-Conservatorio di Vienna.


Soyka conta tra le sue composizioni diverse concerti con orchestra, balletti, musica DA CAMERA; motetti, un Oratorio “per la Pentecoste”, opera “David”, “Malya” e “Terpsichore”. Sono state eseguite e trasmesse anche allèstero per radio ed in televisione: In Austria (Mozarteum die Salisburgo, Musikverein e Wiener Festwochen), Australia, Azerbaijan, Bulgaria, Cuba, Francia, Germania, Giappone, Gran Bretagna, Italia, Norvegia, Repubblica ceca, Repubblica slovacca, Romania, Ungheria, USA  etc.






Ulf-Diether Soyka, nato a Vienna nel 1954, diploma in composizione (F.Neumann, F.Cerha), pedagogia musicale, direzione d´orchestra (direttore musicale generale Otmar Suitner), Universita per Musica di Vienna. Dal 1979 - 1981 assistente per i corsi di direttore d´orchestra del Universita per Musica di Vienna. Attivita di professore di liceo, compositore (libero professionista). Nel 1980 riceve il premio “Theodor Körner” per composizione. Nel 1981 a 1982 vari premi. Nel 1983 borsa di studio per composizione e premio di sostegno della regione Bassa Austria. Dal 2000 docente della Theoria e Composizione, Prayner-Conservatorio di Vienna.


Biographie in slowenischer Sprache:


Ulf-Diether Soyka (Dunaj 1954), študij na dunajskem Konservatoriju in na Univerzi za glasbo na Dunaju ( kompozicija, orkestrsko dirigiranje, glasbena vzgoja), 1979-1981 honorarno zaposlen kot predavatelj na oddelku za dirigiranje na Univerzi za glasbo in dramsko umetnost na Dunaju, 1982 gimnazijski učitelj, 1983 državna štipendija in nagrada dežele Nižja Avstrija, potem svobodni komponist, od leta 2000 profesor za kompozicijo in tonski stavek na konservatoriju  Karl Prayner na Dunaju.

Izvedbe njegovih skladb se vrstijo v domovini in v Azerbajdžanu, Nemčiji, Bolgariji, Italiji, mednarodno dejaven tudi kot predavatelj in dirigent.

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